Practical information


In my counseling practice I work with adult clients, individuals and couples. I speak English and Dutch fluently and I am competent in French. My clients often come from the professional expatriate community, although not exclusively.


How does it work?


The first counseling session or intake meeting focuses on understanding your concerns and clarifying your goals and expectations. By the end of the first session an agreement is reached regarding the initial length and frequency of the sessions. The total number of sessions depends very much on your personal circumstances. The therapeutic process is collaborative throughout.

Change doesn't happen quickly for most of us. The length of treatment depends on a number of variables: the severity of the problem, the motivation of the client, the type of problem and the age of the client. The more focused and limited the problem, the shorter treatment can be. The more the treatment addresses healing emotional injuries, the longer it is likely to take.




Counseling is strictly confidential. Confidentiality is assured even when the sessions are paid for by a third party, such as an employer. No content will be discussed with a third party without the client’s explicit permission.


What does it cost?


A one-hour counseling session costs €110. A 90-minute session costs €165.

Clients will be billed for appointments missed without at least 24 hours notice.

Many insurance companies cover the cost of counseling; please review the conditions of your own insurance policy. Re-integration plans (IRO, individuele re-integratie overeenkomst), the personal health care budget (persoonsgebonden budget) and other tax exemptions are also available and can help alleviate costs for those who qualify.

Most insurers require a counseling practice to be registered with Vektis, an organization that standardizes Dutch healthcare providers.

The Vektis Praktijk AGB-code for this counseling practice is 90-54266.
The Vektis Zorgverlener AGB-code is 90-045625.
The Chamber of Commerce registration number (KvK-nummer) is 53403290.


Counseling location


Archipel Centre
Nassauplein 20, 2585 EC   The Hague

Google maps: Nassauplein 20

It's not what we don't know
that hurts us, people say.
It's what we believe is true
that isn't, that does the damage.

— Melody Beattie

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